Imagine working in a highly reputed IT office under the extreme conditions of an air conditioning system, and all of a sudden a rat crosses your leg! Envisage the chaos that could possibly arise? Pest management is an important strategy in these places where productivity can quickly come to a halt when rumors began spreading about a bed bug infestation in the building or flies buzzing around the snacks basket in the break room.


IT offices often work with computers and laptops which involve a series of cables and wires. Rodents love the idea of chewing and swallowing these wires. They might also enter through the ducts and vents left for HVAC system etc. These spaces also take up a lot of area for storage of paper and files. Not to mention that rodents love infesting on papers. These spaces are critical because these computers and other equipment cost quite a lot. On infestation with rodents, it might turn out to be really expensive to fix the same!


  • Seal the trap – The tiniest of opening, cracks on walls, small holes are enough to give them full access to your office. The first step to keeping pest away from your office is to ensure that your office exteriors are properly sealed.
  • Stay clean- Any food portion left on the desk etc they should be cleared immediately after eating. Else the smell might attract pests. Ensure to keep your countertops and surface clean after every meal.
  • Tip/Pin the bin– Ensure that the bin is cleaned at regular intervals to assure any form of noninterference with rodents. An open trash is a free invitation for pest of all shape and size. It’s another way to assure that your rubbish stay where it’s supposed to stay.
  • Clean wash– Maintaining clean rest rooms will solve half the hassles. Ensure all leakages are fixed. It is important to have good restroom etiquette especially in a shared space, so educate your employees of their responsibility.


We take pride in the fact that no one knows pests like we do. With experience since 1966 we provide services that are unparalleled. Organizations strive to create a conducive work environment for their employees. One of their methods involves protecting their assets, properties and furniture from damage against pests and pest related diseases and illnesses. We take special care into these matters with our innovative approach and innovative technology. We treat your companies with our HAACP and OHSAS certified products. Your time is our valuable time and hence our services are rendered with noninterference during your working hours. Scroll to the certificates tab in our home page to read more about our certification.

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