Do you know about Zika???

Do you know about Zika???

Is it Cyclone???

No, when will you know about this, you are all going to very shock!!!!!


Zika is a fever which is caused by “ZIKA VIRUS”. Mosquitoes only have the responsibility to spread this virus. This is same like Dengue fever but there are no symptoms; rarely cause mild fever, skin rash, muscle & joint pain and headache. Viral infection does not lead to any sick or illness, the Blood test can only confirm the infection.

Health Effects:

For Child: Spread from pregnant woman to Fetus – Leads to microcephaly, birth defects & severe brain malformations

For Adults: Guillain–Barre syndrome (Muscle weakness)

Important issue behind this fever is “there is no medicine, Vaccine or treatment for fever”.

 Prevention is better than cure”.

So Protect and prevent from Mosquitoes bite and Save yourself.

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