Facts for Wood Borer


Wood boring beetles are species and families of insects, larval stages of these beetles, who cause most of the damages, are commonly known as woodworms. Many types of wood borer beetles are available with the name of Jewel, Stag, Pinhole borer and Auger.


  • ¬†High humidity resulting from poorly ventilated spaces.
  • Bigger risk of acquiring these pests is old or second hand furniture. There is a possibility that furniture has been previously used in an infested household or stored in a place with other potentially infested furniture. To lower these chances, inspect closely any furniture that goes in your property.


An adult female borer beetle will lay her eggs within susceptible timbers. The eggs hatch into a grub (larvae), which will feed on the starch content of the timber. The borer larvae will readily eat along the timber grain, creating a network of tunnels. When the larvae is fully-grown, it will pupate sometimes over a long period of time to become an adult beetle, which exits the timber through a hole made in the timber surface. The emerging female adult will lay her eggs, and the life-cycle goes on intensifying the infestation and damage.


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