Household pest control service

This service is used to complete elimination of household pests from the human living environment. We are facing two types of household pests, these are given below:

  1. Some of the pests are spoiling usable things:

Ex: Termite

  1. Some of the pests are spreading disease:

Ex: Mosquitoes

  1. Some of the pest cause both is spoiling & disease spreading. These are very dangerous; we should take immediate action to eliminate these pests.

Ex: House flies, Rodent, Cockroach, Ants, Bedbugs, Spider and Lizard.

Pest action and Effects:

  1. Termites:

Termite food is cellulose which is highly present in wood, so these are taken cellulose from wood and cause an infestation in wooden material, this leads to damage of material, moisture and soil important factors for the termite to taken their food. If you want to save your things from termites, take more care to avoid both soil and water near wooden materials.

Three types of termites are available:

  1. a) Subterranean –These are mostly live on the ground and has taken food from wood then consume in their underground colony only, these want to live in large groups only.
  2. b) Damp wood & c) Dry wood – Both are live inside the wood and cause the infestation.


  1. Mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes are very small insect but cause the dangerous disease to human. Both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar (Sugary substance from flower) and flower juices, but in many species the female needs to obtain nutrients from a blood meal before it can produce eggs, Blood meal is the rich source sugars, lipids, and other nutrients, So mosquitoes are piercing the animal hosts and  human, then sucking their blood. During this process, they can also spread diseases.


Disease Spread by Mosquitoes:

  1. Malaria
  2. Dengue
  3. Chikungunya
  4. Yellow fever
  5. Zika fever
  6. West Nile Virus
  7. filariasis
  8. Japanese encephalitis,
  9. Saint Louis encephalitis,
  10. Western equine encephalitis,
  11. Eastern equine encephalitis,
  12. Venezuelan equine encephalitis,
  13. La Crosse encephalitis


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