Rodents, such as rats and mice, can be a major cost factor on the poultry farm because of the food that they eat and spoil, with feces and urine, the damage they do to the dwelling, equipment and the poultry. Further, the diseases they may carry can result in flock health problems, staff health problems and/or food safety concerns regarding the products produced on the farm. The major pests associated with poultry are beetles, flies, lice, mites, wild birds and rodents.  Of course it’s hard to keep the poultry lot clean all the time, keeping in mind their feed, wings and every now and then poop schedule, but is essential to maintain personal hygiene at least to a certain extent. Flies are another major concerns to the poultry farm .Some level of fly invasion is unavoidable on poultry farms but fly numbers in pest proportions usually indicate a failure in one or several key areas of farm management.


The most common reasons are:

  • Improper manure handling
  • Too much water stagnation in and around the farm area
  • Not regularly cleaning areas where food ,milk are spilled
  • Poor management of compost piles
  • Faulty usage of pest control
  • Non awareness of poultry breeding habits
  • Low maintenance of buildings services such as watering systems , drainage systems
Poultry Farm


At DelmanExperts, we aim in making your farm a hygienic and a happy area for your chickens to hop about. We take special interest when it concerns the pests literally eating up your finance. We exterminate pests in a way that does not affect your coups health by any means. We follow these five principles 1) Detection  2) Identification  3) Economic Significance  4) Control Method Selection and 5) Evaluation.

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