A few steps to prevent mosquitos menace

A few steps to prevent mosquitoes menace

  • Shut all doors and windows after 6pm
  • Never leave any stagnant source of water in kitchens or vessels etc as they become breeding places for mosquitoes
  • It’s better to have mosquito nets on all doors and windows ,especially if your household includes children
  • Mosquito repellent coils and electric mosquitoes killer could be put to use too.

How DelmanExpert treat mosquitoes

Mosquito treatment is usually an integrated effort involving source reduction plus the use of chemical control products when required. Since mosquitoes develop in water, source reduction targets and eliminates water sources favorable for mosquito breeding. While source reduction is the more effective long-term approach to mosquito treatment, the mosquito treatment plan may require using chemical products to supplement source reduction. Delmanexpert provides professional services in keeping mosquitoes away.

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