Type of Flies

Flies are over 100,000 species of flies live on earth. Flies lay their eggs on fruit, food, other animals and even rotting flesh. Their larvae are known as maggots. They look like bits of rice.

Black Flies:

Black flies are biting pests that swarm humans and livestock. Bites are painful and often result in severe lymph node swelling and skin rash. The insects cut into the skin to lap up blood that pools in the bite wound. Strong allergic reactions sometimes result from a bite. These insects breed in flowing water, like streams, and rivers. Adults seek moist environments.

Cluster Flies:

cluster flies

Cluster flies are capable of crawling through small openings in the walls of a structure. They hibernate in secluded parts of houses like attics and wall voids. On sunny winter days, the wall voids become warm and the cluster flies try to move toward light. Very often they find themselves in the inhabited parts of the house and the move to the windows. They cluster around the windows and they leave stains on walls and curtains if crushed.

Crane Flies:

Crane Flies

Crane flies may be mistaken at times for mosquitoes, but they are significantly larger with extremely long legs and have elongated faces. Adult crane flies are black, red, or yellow in color, depending on species. Only in their larval state do these pests cause any real damage. After they hatch, crane fly larvae eat grass crowns and roots, leaving large brown patches on lawns. As adults, the insects are mostly a nuisance. Crane flies act as a food source for animals such as moles and skunks.

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