What is pest control???

What is pest control???

There are many people have not awareness about this. This is not like a chapter; this is like a story without end.We have shared the little bit about pest control if you want to know, read and enjoy!!!! Before going to know about pest control, we should know about the pest. Unwanted insects, plants, and animals will come under pest which interfaces and disturb human life. Pests may bites, damage the property and destroy food and food crops, acting as disease vectors and make human lives very difficult. Pests are rats, mice, ant, bed bugs, Cockroach, termite, mosquitoes, beetles, spider, Earwigs, House flies, Fruit flies and Weevils etc.

Pest Control

Many types of pest control service are available, these are:

  1. Household pest control service:

  • Used to eradicate household pests
  • Avoid disease and cross contamination of food.
  • Ex: Home, Flat, Office, Buildings, School, and colleges etc.
  1. Crop & Farm level pest control service:

  • Used to eliminate field level pest in farms
  • Avoid plant disease and improper growth of crops
  • EX: Garden, Crop farms, Agriculture and Green House crops.
  1. Industrial level pest control service

  • Used to control and eliminate pest in Industrial level
  • Avoid wastage, ensure quality products and cross-contamination
  • EX: Garment Industry, Food Processing Industry, Chemical Industry and Exported Industry.
  1. Hospital pest control service

  • Used to complete removal of pests
  • To avoid spreading disease, quick recovery of patients
  • Ex: Hospitals, Research center, Medicals and clinics
  1. Hotel & Restaurant pest control service

  • Used to control and removal of pests from environment
  • To feel comfortable, improve the hygienic culture and satisfy the customers.
  • Ex: Resorts, Five-star hotels, Small scale hotels, restaurants, and residences.



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