Delmanexpert, an expert in creating pest free environment to our Bk Sashan family since 1996. Providing you with quality and professional pest control and termite control services, Delmanexpert has decided to extend its skills to provide you with pestless dwellings. Our chemicals are extremely safe, harmless and mild and are approved by the world health organization and marked safe to use. Customers inspire us and so we work to inspire them.  So does teamwork! We believe in the power of glamorous teamwork that has brought us together with an excellent bunch of employees. Our goal is to identify the needs of our customers and serve them through innovative and responsive solutions.


Food Industries

Food Processing

Every day world is going very faster than earlier days, we need food items in the form of RTE (Ready to Eat) to use our valuable time to achieve our goal. Food processing and packaging is contribute



Home is an abode of various sentiments and emotions. Each human being has a sense of special attachment towards their homes. It’s very important for every person to have a clean, safe.



Hospitals have a special obligation to demonstrate leadership in instituting effective and safer pest management in keeping with the medical profession’s basic tenet of “first, do no harm.”



Infectious disease may be an unavoidable fact of life, but there are many strategies available to help us protect ourselves from infection and to treat disease once it has developed



Along with the most appealing aesthetic structure and cuisine from multiple cultures, surprisingly pest management needs to be on top of your check list. With the increase in stars is the increase…



How pests become a serious threat if you are the owner of a restaurant business. Well , food and pests go hand in handThe better the food and water gets , the better the breeding place



Rats and rodents can become a huge headache in busy whereabouts like shopping malls and complexes. With hi-tech crowd often pulling in to these locations, it is indeed not a pleasing sight…

Schools & Universities


With an abundant supply of food, water, and shelter ,the schools become ideal habitats for pests to crawl in . Children fall as an easy victim to pests making them vulnerable to all sorts of diseases.



Every industry and every business faces its own special challenges in dealing with pests. Solving pest issues requires a deep understanding of those unique needs. We, at DelmanExpert take ownership.



Pest control management is very important in garments and textile factories to avoid wastage, maintain quality and employee health safety, based on the quality only economy of the

Poultry Farm

Poultry Farm

Rodents, such as rats and mice, can be a major cost factor on the poultry farm because of the food that they eat and spoil, with feces and urine, the damage they do to the dwelling, equipment and the poultry.

Dairy Farms


Dairies offer another challenging venture to all pest control programs because of the diverse environments they encounter and the fly breeding areas. The cattle often left for grazing in the pastures carry with them