Pest Management in School


Most of us in our day to day lives don’t really give pest control a second thought unless and until we see a rat or a rodent run across. With an abundant supply of food ,water and shelter ,the schools become ideal habitats for pests to crawl in . Children fall as an easy victim to pests making them vulnerable to all sorts of diseases like jaundice, malaria etc… In schools, especially in common areas like canteens and corridors and classrooms it becomes a mandatory notion to eliminate pests for a personal hygiene with our distinguished methodology of site inspection . We design an exclusive pest management program to suit your campus needs. We believe in the theory of “ PESTICIDES CAN CONTROL PESTS ONLY WHEN ONE KNOWS HOW TO USE PROPERLY” . The chemicals used in our treatment is claimed and recognized by the WHO . Our chemicals are completely stain free , harmless on warm blooded animals . With our expertise services , we embolden you to establish a student friendly environment .

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