Rodents like rats and mice are a serious hassle because they transmit a series of diseases like rat fever, plague, leptospirosis etc. These diseases get disseminated through several means like urine, rat bites, droppings etc. Just them being around could cause high level of infestations. They would even chew fabrics, electrical wires, crops, flowers and trigger a high level of destruction. People suffering from allergy and asthma could be severely affected because rat urine contains allergens.   Urine can also stain large areas and cause the area to stink.


  • Garbage and trash should be covered properly
  • All vessels should be air tight , water and rust resistant
  • Elimination of harborage
  • Fix all faulty pipes and fittings in wash rooms and kitchens
  • Cover all cracks and holes in ceilings , walls , floors etc

With a number of articles to replenish rats like glue pads, mouse traps, rat poison, rat repellent and sprays. DelmanExperts will render you a house free from rodent air.

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