Dairy Farm Pest Control

Dairies offer another challenging venture to all pest control programs because of the diverse environments they encounter of fly breeding areas.

DelmanExpert Pest Control Service & Termite Control Service

Pest on The Cattle

Dairies offer another challenging venture to all pest control programs because of the diverse environments they encounter and the presence of fly breeding areas. The cattle often left for grazing in the pastures carry with them, an enormous amount of flies which are then brought to the dairy farms and made a part of their beings. Those which remain in the farms might have to encounter mostly with house flies. Again, comes into play the exposed food and water which attract mice and cockroaches too !!  Calf areas as well as maternity and sick pens all present unique challenges.

Farmacy for The Farm

Pest activity results in lowered milk production levels and reduced feed efficiency. It exposes cattle to pathogenic microorganisms and causes blood loss and hide damage. It can lead to public health–public nuisance concerns. Moreover, insect and mite pest pressure can add to stresses on young replacement animals, delaying their entry into production and adversely affecting lifelong production performance.

As herd sizes increase on modern farms, pest pressures often are aggravated by large quantities of animal waste that must be handled and by crowded conditions that promote the spread of external parasites. At DELMANEXPERTS, we make use of exclusive pesticides which contain harmless chemicals to ensure safety to your feed. Our chemicals function as a host specific pathogen that targets and kills pests but does not affect humans, animals, pets, beneficial insects or the environment. DELMANEXPERTS CHEMICALS are approved for use by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and are marked as safe to use.

We at DelmanExpert

With our specialized gel and chemical spray treatment, will ensure the complete removal of cockroaches from your houses. Our quality will definitely speak for itself.