Too many flies buzzing around in your houses could be a striking nuisance by all means.  They may be non-biting, but are powerful carriers of a wide variety of diseases like salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera and parasitic worms. These flies feed on human foodstuffs and wastes where they can pick up and transport various disease agents. Their primary breeding sites include dung, organic waste matter from food processing, organic manure, sewage, accumulated plant materials.

Few varieties of flies are house fly and mosquitoes, crane flies, gnats, black flies, horse flies, and blow flies. Some four-winged insects are loosely termed flies, such as dragonflies, caddis flies, and mayflies. But true flies, which evolved from four-winged insects, possess only a single pair of wings; some are among the fastest flying insects.


Four strategies can be employed to minimize flies

  • reduction or elimination of fly breeding sites
  • reduction of sources that attract flies from other areas
  • prevention of contact between flies and disease-causing germs
  • Protection of food, eating utensils and people from contact with flies.

But in reality, it’s definitely very hard to sternly adhere to the above mentioned points. The most reliable and convenient way to eradicate flies would be by choosing a professional fly control service. DelmanExperts pest control technicians understand the habits of each species and also have a range of powerful insecticides to deal with flies and provide the reassurance that your fly problem has been fully dealt with. We offer quick, effective and the highest degree of safety for your family and pets.

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