Honeycomb Destruction

Ever noticed those huge honeybee combs outside your window? Often closed your eyes and wished that the bee just gets out of your doors

Honey bee


Ever noticed those huge honey bee combs outside your window? Above your doors?? Stung by a bee?  Often closed your eyes and wished that the bee just get out of your doors. Maybe it really is time to get rid of these swarms! While bees can benefit the environment in many ways, it is inconvenient and possibly dangerous to let a bee hive thrive near your home.

How to Extinguish Honeybees?

The preliminary step is to identify the species of honey bee existing in your premises. There are different elimination processes so effective treatment relies upon proper identification. When using any method of bee control, it is also necessary to know the effective methodology and come about. Practically, the only way to rid your home of bees is to remove the hive entirely. This tedious task requires proper set of tools and equipments. Hives containing honey should be removed from the home professionally. If a hive is not removed before the wax decays, the result could cause structural damage, not to mention a honey-waxy mess. It will also attract other hungry insects that will eat the honey when the bees are gone.

Children, pets and other people should stay away when such methodology is executed. Probably the best way, is to call professional services. We DelmanExpert respect the great ecological importance of these bees and conduct absolutely eco friendly treatment without slaughtering MR.HONEY BEE !!!! A close study states that Lizards are active indoors only during the early evening or early morning in search of insects that are attracted to lights. Lizards feed primarily on insects and spiders. They are solitary animal but can quickly multiply into many. A few natural ways to eliminate lizards would be:

  • Keep the house spic and span. Eliminate garbage; thrash as far as possible to not create a possible hideout for lizards.
  • Don’t ever let them in. Meaning, fill up all those cracks and holes in the walls, floor and ceiling. Fix up all those broken tiles and repair openings behind the doors.

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