Garments, Textile Manufacture and Exporters

Pest control management is very important in garments and textile factories to avoid wastage, maintain quality and employee health safety, based on the quality only economy of the organization will increase. Mosquitoes, Rat and Rodents are major issue in garment and textile factories. Cloth moths, Carpet beetles, and silver fish are responsible to damage cloths. Mosquitoes are responsible to spread disease by their bites in human beings. Employees will be affected by Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow fever, West Nile Virus, filariasis, and Zeka fever. Damage of fabrics is caused by cloth moths; Carpet beetle can damage fabrics and cloths that contain cotton, wool and silk. Silverfish can damage clothing, carpet, artwork and curtain materials containing natural fibers such as wool, cotton, silk and also rayon fabrics. Silverfish are nocturnal and not often seen by day.  They usually live and develop in dark, cool places.

We design an exclusive pest management program to suit your factory needs. We believe in the theory of “PESTICIDES CAN CONTROL PESTS ONLY WHEN ONE KNOWS HOW TO USE PROPERLY”. The chemicals used in our treatment is claimed and recognized by the WHO. Our chemicals are completely stain free, harmless on warm blooded animals. With our expertise services, we embolden you to establish a pest free environment.

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