Rats and rodents can become a huge headache in busy whereabouts like shopping malls and complexes. With hi-tech crowd often pulling in to these locations, it is indeed not a pleasing sight to see cockroaches run over their favorite articles and rats crawl through the walkways. The issue occurs due to the presence of multiple entry and exit points, constant shutting and opening of doors. Habitually these malls include canteens, food courts etc which easily attract pests like rats causing serious destruction to food and beverages. Apart from this, storage areas, show casts, cable wires, dumpsters etc could be adversely affected.


Pest control for malls could be quite challenging because of the enormity of the building, continuous hours of operation, machinery and undoubtedly the dense population.  We, Delman expert get to every nook and corner of the erection and help you maintain your hard earned reputation. With our advanced technology, we provide extremely DISCREET, TACTFUL, CAMOUFLAGED OPERATION OF PEST CONTROL that does not disturb the happy, leisure, welcoming and shopping friendly environment at any cost.

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