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Gypsy moth caterpillar


Gypsy moth caterpillars are easy to identify, because they possess characteristics not found on other leaf-feeding caterpillars. They have five pairs of blue dots followed by six pairs of red dots lining the back. In addition, they are dark-colored and covered with hairs. Young caterpillars primarily feed during the day whereas the older caterpillars feed […]
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Blow FLy


Blow flies do not bite, they make loud buzzing sounds. These flies carry hundreds of different species of bacteria, many of which are harmful to humans. The life cycle of blow flies is short, lasting about 3-4 weeks. Blow fly larvae are known as maggots, and look like tiny, pale-white worms. These pests invade home […]
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Whether we can spot termite easily? • Termites are tough to spot • A colony can thrive inside the walls of a home for 8-10 years undetected. • Really hard to get rid of them without professional help. Our Treatment • Inspection of all wooden items • Identification of infestation area • Injecting each hole […]
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Flies- Food contaminants


Flies We consider flies as harmless pest, however, flies still pose a threat to our health. A common place to spot flies is near the garbage bins or any place with rotten items. Some Interesting facts about flies are:- •Active in Day light •Spread wide range of diseases •Flies have ommatidia, and capable to see […]
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